Tuesday, June 18, 2013

final project

I recorded 3 songs.  They are songs that I have been working out for a few months.  The Jim Jones song was conceived during my sound class last semester, but it was only half written.  I finished writing it and wrote the other two more recent.  I'm planning to further this project and already have some people who want to be a part of it.  I started recording these on thursday night and finished them on sunday, while taking breaks to go work some long shifts.  Now I can give my people demos to get familiar with and start practicing to go get some more professional recordings.  I am tying these all together with all 3 concepts.  The fear of trying something and failing has kept me from going after what I really want out of life, like playing music and chasing my dream.  I am 37 and still don't have an album out.  I'm am about to put out a retro metal album by the end of the summer.  This new project though, is what I am going to really go after.  I don't feel like there is enough of this shit!  There are a ton of metal bands, and I love metal, but this music is so fun and the people around me seem to dig it a lot more.  My identity is shining through in every part.  I love blues music and early rock and roll, my feelings for a girl I dated for 2 years are in "how you don't want my love".  I am not kidding in that song.  The "jim Jones" song is a song that sets the stage for a jonestown runaway.  But it started with the chorus, "pray and shake like some of them".  I wanted to talk about my turning away from christianity but at the same time I don't want my mom and dad to hear it and feel like I'm cutting them down for being believers.  So I masked it with a scenario of being at jonestown and seeing through a lunatic's bullshit.  I think there is hidden beauty in my playing as well.  At the heart of all these songs is a fingerstyle guitar track,  they were the basis for the rest of the music.  Guitarists will hear it but most people won't think anything of it.

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  1. I wanted to listen to your songs in full but I don't see how to hear them. I would be interested in buying an album when you have it completed. I think you are very talented and enjoyed hearing your talent in class.